Upward – Diaries, planners & social stationery

Upward is an Australian success, servicing the needs of discerning diary users for almost fifty years and has earned a reputation for quality, style and durability. Being 100% Australian owned and designed has allowed Upward to tailor its exceptional products to a broad range of needs, suiting almost every personal, professional and commercial appalication. Upward’s ideology has ensured that functional, reliable, relevant and often specialist Australian reference is included in their products.

Visit Upward: www.upward-diaries.com.au

Wildon – Business, accounting & record books

Wildon is an Australian icon and has been helping businesses with record keeping for almost sixty years. Small businesses in particular rely upon Wildon to help negotiate the complexities of legislated record keeping requirements. Large businesses benefit from having a range of consistent forms, to collect data from many individual employees or contractors. The complete range of Wildon products is designed around the philosophy of keeping it as simple as possible.

Visit Wildon: www.wildonpublishers.com.au

Gormack – Natural & technical graph papers

Gormack Graph Paper have been manufactured in New Zealand for many years now and have become indispensable tools. Those who use Gormack are often in positions that require detail and accuracy, such as include accountants, architects, designers, engineers, students, surveyors and many more professions. You can also use these papers in the home to layout the design of your new kitchen, create a knitting pattern or even design your next clothing item. Printed on clean, white, woodfree, strong fibred paper, they accept all types of writing and are combined with a good tearing strength with resistance to erasure.

Design@ – Communication papers

Create positive impressions with Design@. Add style, colour and personality to laser printer and photocopier output, save big bucks on the running costs of colour printers. More personal than an e-mail blasting, far easier than hand writing,  Design@ papers are ideal for social and business letters, invitations, price lists, menus, specials list, fliers, bulletins, notices, advice’s and invoices. Design@ paper makes communication simple and more effective.

ORNA – Drawing and drafting equipment

The Stirflex series, made by ORNA, are a made with a flexible and undeformable material of high transparency with a smoke great tint. Technical features include a specula and clear surface, graduations in mm, chemical engraved printing, ink edges, and their own protective wallet.

Visit Orna: http://www.orna.it/